Singing gets me grinning

Mamma and Pappa sing me songs. I like all sorts, and the quality of the voice doesn’t matter, luckily, coz Dad’s always out of tune. What we do is find a song I like, then find the lyrics for it using Google, then in Windows Media Player 11 you can right click on a song and paste the lyrics into the advanced tag editor. Then when you’re listening to the song in ‘now playing’ the lyrics come up each time you play it. Bingo, Karaoke! We’ve marked all the songs with lyrics as five star so we can just head to all songs with a five star rating when it’s jukebox time. Here are a bunch of my favourites:

Archer Prewitt – Way of the Sun Beach Boys – Sloop John B I’m from Barcelona – We’re from Barcelona Iron and Wine – Waiting for Superman James Yorkston and the Athletes – Scarecrow Jimmy Cliff – The Harder They Come Johnny Cash – Solitary Man Leonard Cohen – Famous Blue Raincoat Simon and Garfunkel – Mrs Robinson (I particularly like the ti-ti-titty-tit and do-do-do-doodoo bits) The Kinks – Nona

I’m lining up a bunch of others, too. Got any suggestions? Go, slip us a comment…

Officially, legitimately, I’m right-on Freddie Dylan Ryan Pope

Yup, that’s me and there’s no getting away from it. 

On Saturday Mumma and Pappa took me down the Registry Office.  11.30am on the 13th January, we were ushered into Mrs P. Dunn’s London Borough of Lambeth Town Hall office.  It was a pompous affair, with fountain pens and flashy motifs.  There’s a picture below of Mrs Dunn entering my name in the big book of names she had: 


Intrigingly, I share my initials (FDRP) with FDR President of the USA, and the following acronyms:

First Destination Rescue Point
Flood Damage Reduction Program and… wait for it…. the
Federation of Dining Room Professionals 

My future career prospects look bright!

Blogging: how I do it so well

Well tickle me pink, everyone’s been asking how I set this website internets thingummy up. It was no child’s play, I got me Pa to whip it up, and now posting a blog is as easy as sending an email. Coz that’s literally what I can do. Anyhow, after a bunch of grizzling at 1am I managed to convince Dada to write about how it’s done in three easy steps that won’t cost you a dime. Check out his latest post on the Information Handyman here: HowTo: Setting up an ad-free blog on a budget in the UK Drop me line if you need any help, I have cunning ways of winning Dad over to your side, or you manage to set one up, I’ll link to it! Love ya all!