Kung Hei Fat Choi – Happy Year of the Pig

Pappa took me down to the Lambeth Town Hall today to have a look at the the local Chinese community bringing in their new year. I snuck in for free the nice ladies at the door thought I was so cute. There were loads of people there:

   When we first arrived it was really noisy, there was a big drum pounding out a rhythm whilst a lion danced on the stage:             After that a bunch of the local Chinese school children got up and sang ‘Old MacDonald had a farm’ which was dead cute. Check them out, all nervous on the stage:

                Dad managed to get one of the dancers to pose for me; I’m such a stud:          

It’s no fun when it’s cold!

Check out all the snow! We had a snowman of a time in Brockwell park on Thursday. Loads of snowmen all over the snow, the snow was still two inches deep at three in the afternoon. Mumma and Pappa took me out in my all-terrain three-wheeler and we chopped it up, charging about all over the park making merry with snow snow everywhere. Probably won’t see the like of it again so click on the image below for a slideshow of us all cavorting about with the snowmen:

Ok, so I spent most of the time asleep, but hasn’t that rabbit got funny coloured eyes? Pappa said not to eat snow that colour.

In the meantime, the weather has returned to being miserable, grim, everything’s wet but it’s not raining London fare. Ho hum, diddly dum, time for my lunch. I thing I’ll have double helpings of milk today, Mum…

A beamish boy brings his grin to you

Some people say it takes months before they see their babies smile, but I’ve been putting it on for special people since day one. Here’s a bunch of videos of me smiling from ear to ear tied together into a medley of grins, smirks, beams and ear to ear smiles…

Click on this link to download a copy: Freddie smiling medley To watch it, you will need the Google Video Player.