Arup, there, me hearties! Daddy’s got a new job…

Yup, he’s leaving the GAD in port, with many a fond memory, and heading across Goodge way to be the Network Content Manager for the good ship Arup, a world renowned engineering consultancy with their fingers firmly entrenched in the Sydney Opera House, the Penguin Pool at London Zoo, the Tate Modern and a plethora of tunnels, bridges and assorted structures internationally. Renowned for its collegial atmosphere, they’ve also contributed large sums to WaterAid, where Dad’s buddy Gregor recently got a plum job.

And what on earth does a Network Content Manager do, you may ask? His job is to build and populate Arup’s business and design intranets with relevant content other staff members might be interested in. It’s currently a little anarchic, lost in an ocean of information with no compass to guide it. Pappa’s gonna be steering the boat, using his info-know-how for pointers, getting hints from up high and finding success when he gets the booty ashore. So we’re all happy!

Head for the hills! Our weekend at the Hurtwood Inn

Lets get the photos out of the way for starters, it’s all you come here for anyhow.  It’s a slideshow, so click on the image to bring up the photos.  Close the tab to return to the post….

2007 Peaslake

We jumped on  the train at Clapham Junction which took our bags, buggy and bike to Gomshall where Mary and Feddie were picked up and taken to Peaslake by the nice man from  Country Cabs while I proceeded to get lost on my bike in the country.  We were soon reunited, unpacked and settled into our room at the Hurtwood Inn, which was nice enough.  It didn’t take us long to get the buggy out and head up Holmbury Hill, the weather was stunning and the view had Freddie in awe.  Dinner was very formal, and the almond and butternut soup was top-notch.  We went to bed pretty early, I nipped out for a late-night pint but the company in the bar was very coupley, so I sat outside enjoying the quiet night air. Sunday we were up for our poached eggs, we checked out, left our bags in the lock-up then Craig turned up and he and whizzed up Pitch Hill – Craig managed the ‘pint challenge’ for the first time, much to his delight – then up and down Holmbury Hill a few times before heading back for ploughman’s lunch/fish and chips with Mary. Freddie really enjoyed himself, Mary was in her element and didn’t want to come home (unfortunately the cheapest one-bed shed out there is half a million), and I was chuffed for having managed to get home in one piece.

Freddie heads to the country

This weekend just gone Matt suggested we go mountain biking.  That generally means Craig takes us down to Coldharbour, we cycle up and down Leith Hill, up to Holmbury Fort and down to Peaslake, up Pitch Hill then back east to Coldharbour.  Freddie, however, wasn’t having this without being involved, so I asked Craig if he and Mary could come.  Ever obliging, we crammed in the car, expecting to pick Matt up from the Dorking railway station.  A bomb alert at Waterloo scuttled his plans, however, so we headed straight to Coldharbour.  The sun was out, and Freddie had his sunnies on.  Here’s a picture of him with his Mum outside the Plough in Coldharbour:

Craig and I whizzed around the trail, here’s some footage of us both bombing around Pitch Hill:

Meanwhile, Mary and Freddie climbed up to the top of the hill, it’s 600m, the highest point in the south of England, so she and Freddie did well to complete the slog.  Here they both are at the top:

We had such a great day, Mary wanted to go back this weekend.  So I’ve booked the double room at the Peaslake Inn, and we’re jumping on the train on Saturday. Bring on the summer!

Freddie’s first spasms of laughter

Check out this giggle a minute chump!  He’s been chortling for a month now, but we’ve finally got a corker session on film.  Laugh on demand Freddie.  He can even slip out a quick chuckle when he’s dog tired and mid-super scream with a lift up in the air, a snort and a squeaky kiss on the cheek.

It’s only eleven seconds long, in a really low resolution so it should be really quick to load for those on dial-up.