Today I’m mostly wearing…

Who says girls get all the nice clothes? Click on the image below for a selection of photos of Freddie in some of his cutest, fashionable infantwear, some of which I’ve bought for him, and some of which we received as presents. We think he looks really cute which is why we love showing off all these photos of him and we hope you enjoy them too. The photos range from 4 months old until now – he’s almost exactly six months and twenty-three days and twenty three hours old.

It’s sad to see him growing out of some of our favourite outfits, but we’ve plenty of new stuff ready for him to jump into. Thanks especially to ‘Nona’ for making such cute knitted wear, Kata for posting the hat from Kazakhstan, and everyone else who has provided such stylish gear for our snuggly little man.

Learning to walk while hanging from the door frame

If you’ve ever visited you’ll know how proud I am of the swing I made for Freddie to lie in. All that came tumbling down when he got his new swing that hangs from the door frame.

He totally loves it and can spend ages tottering about, grinning away, bouncing up and down. He’s so keen on the bouncing up and down he tries it on whenever he can. The B&B we stayed at in Whitstable had a trampoline, and he was chortling himself into a frenzy on that contraption, and when he’s in the bay window bassinet he bucks up and down to get the bounce going.

A Whitstable weekend: sunny days on the Kentish coast

Mary, Freddie and I all met up at Victoria Station on Friday afternoon and took the express to Whitstable, a seaside town on the north coast of Kent. But let’s not keep you waiting. Here are the photos:

We arrived quite late, but our B&B hosts picked us up and took us to their spacious pad in Chestfield. We walked down the local for a bite then headed back and put Freddie to bed then settled in to watching a spot of Leon. Freddie was none too pleased with the hard mattress in his temporary cot, so after getting up about five times at 2am he swapped places with me and I slept on the floor. Whereby he slept soundly for the rest of the night to my chagrin. The following morning we headed into Whitstable – it was a 3 mile walk, mostly along the coast which was very pleasant apart from a torrential shower. We all managed to get a glow of sun on by evening from this walk however. We pootled around the town centre and visited a few restaurants, cafes and bars throughout the day, all very pleasant, before heading back exhasted from all the walking to put Freddie to bed. We put a duvet underneath him this time which seemed to work a little better. We were up jolly early nevertheless, so took our sweet time getting to the beach, where I took Freddie in for a dip. He wasn’t terribly up for it, and he’s not used to the cold water, so I just swam back and forth a bit. We then headed into town, where Mary had some £13.00 fish and chips and I had some nachos, then wandered through to take the train back. It was a really pleasant, quiet seaside resort, the weather was lovely while the rest of England was awash in once a century floods, and came out quite cheap all things considering. Our next trip is to Bath in mid-July. Yay for summer!