A new highchair for a king

Too proud to spend every feed in his parent’s lap, Freddie insisted we get him a chair so he can eat at the table with us. So it was off to eBay to find the absolute best in quality highchairs available. Lo and behold, a super slick Mamas and Papas Prima Pappa high chair was on offer, and we snapped it up with Auction Sniper for a song. A week later a smelly, food encrusted chair arrived with a few bits falling off but after a good clean and some fix it solutions it was brand spanking new. Freddie knew it was for him as soon as he saw it and let out squeals of delight when we popped him in it. Here he his babbling away in his new highchair:

Ever since then he’s always been keen to get up to adult height, and tucks into his grub like there’s no tomorrow.

Getting used to the summer weather in London

Freddie was most surprised by the weather in this, his first summer. In the middle of July I was cut off from delivering training to US colleagues by a storm over London and when I got home the pavement was covered in hail, with receding clouds looking very ominous as they’d dumped their heavy load on the streets. Mary had just made it inside before the heavens broke, and here’s some footage she took in the fifteen minute pelting: