Freddie Standing

Freddie’s got himself a new playpen. Thanks to Grandpa for the suggestion. We set it up in the bay window in the lounge and it’s proving popular since he’s just started crawling. Anyhow, almost as soon as we’d put him in it, he’d figured out how to pull himself up to standing. Here’s some footage of about the third time he did it:

Estonia: a financial disaster, a pleasant stay

We got back from our weekend break from Estonia a few weeks ago. We left London on the Friday afternoon, got on the 6pm flight, then, just before it was to take off an attendant from the gate asked for our tickets, we didn’t have (under booking details and terms and conditions on our email confirmation was the text ‘ticket collection’ with an address – I’d not read this far), so we were taken off the plane and spent the night in a Gatwick hotel. They reissued the tickets the following morning and we arrived at 3pm. Unable to catch the bus as planned, we rented a car which I promptly ploughed into a bollard. These two events wound up costing us an unexpected £1000.00, but whatever. Once we settled into Padaste Manor I’d determined to enjoy ourselves. Apart from the lack of menu selection for vegetarians in the restaurant, the aroma of sewage and the exorbitant fees for using the spa/sauna/dinghy/hot tub (£50.00 for using the sauna? You’re having a laugh!) we had a very pleasant stay, the rooms were delightful, breakfast was delicious, the weather was perfect and the isolation was very endearing to us Londoners. I took some video! I think there’s still a few things I need to learn on the editing front, it’s all a bit mashed up sound-wise, and the quality is nowhere near as good as it ought to be. Anyhow, if you can be bothered here’s some mashed up footage of our trip:

After staying three nights there, we headed into Tallinn’s old town, a gorgeous few acres of rickety streets, cobblestone houses, old church spires, souvenir shops, stag party pubs, and swarms of tourists being guided about.