Walking Personality Bon-Vivant: Freddie Pope

I finally found some time to edit and upload some footage of our gregarious wee fellow running down the hall, switching off a light, and exhibiting a smile and an obscure chortle type noise. So here you are, press the ‘play’ button to view:

Freddie’s Personality

Freddie Walking

Freddie says ‘Zach’ while looking at a photo of his cousin…

Heh, Zac sent us a christmas card with a photo of Jamie and his good self at the beach. Freddie was instantly intrigued at these depictions of relations from afar and excitedly rattled off their names whilst dreaming of sandpits and castles. So here he is shortly before bed last week going over and over his christmas card from Auckland…

Isn’t that sweet?

About Time for an Update on Progress….

It’s been a hectic few months. I’ve had little time to devote to Freddie’s blog while designing a websites for a group of Thai Therapy & Massage Spas in London and a pond and water feature landscape architect in Kent. I hope to make amends now however and provide you with Freddie’s achievements since our last post. A fortnight ago, he turned one. Around three weeks before that, there he was wobbling on two feet and took a few steps alone before before landing on his butt. Is a three inch traverse of the kitchen floor walking? Perhaps not, but by his birthday he was stumbling forward with abandon. He generally lands on his hands but sometimes trips up. His vocal repertoire has also grown from his first strains of ‘duck’ (more like an excited squealing of ‘DA! DA! DA!’ upon his duck appearing in the bath) in August to a small vocabulary consisting of ‘duck’, ‘teddy’, ‘daddy’, ‘mumma’ and ‘night night’. Then yesterday evening we’re sure he said ‘Night Night Daddy’. It’s always hard to tell, he might just be repeating my ‘night night Freddie’ since he’s unable to pronounce an ‘F’ yet but damn the facts, I nearly burst into tears it was so sweet. He’s finding joy in the smallest things, too. Putting valuables through a hole in the floorboards is one source of endless delight -so far Mary’s keys found their way and we had to pull them up, fish the keys and a million other things out, glue a bit of wood to block the hole then bang the boards back in. Another source of constant amusement are switches. Alert him to the presence of one by turning a light on, for instance, and bingo, Freddie’s right behind you ready to turn it off. A true energy conserver which is hard for even me to deal with when the nights are so long. And his birthday party? It was more for the grown-ups, who guzzled a case of New Zealand sparkling wine in the course of an afternoon while we as parents felt awfully proud. We never imagined the first year would be so ridden with obstacles and pleasure. He’s now learnt another word. ‘Zac’, the name of his first cousin in Aucland. We even snaffled some video footage of him pointing at a picture and saying ‘Zac’. Coming soon to a home theatre near you… Tune in again soon.