Big Boy on the Blower

You may have noticed Freddie’s lack of attention to his online communications over recent months. That’s because he’s been busy chewing the fat over the phone. He’s also been a bit of a tinkerer, and converted a number of common household implements into serviceable appliances Alexander Bell would have been chuffed with. So click on the image to view some cracking shots of Freddie talking turkey on his telephones to all manner of friends.

Picture him jabbering away ten to the dozen – heyo? heyo? woosh, woosh, washer wee??’ then listening intently to the sound coming out of the TV remote. Hah! It’s a riot. He gets such a surprise when the phone rings mid-conversation as well. It’s like he’s getting busted for making out he’s popular when there’s really no-one there. But as this article from the Sydney Morning Herald contends it’s the choice of a generation:

90 per cent of young people admit they have faked a call. Often they are trying to cope with social anxiety by showing they have someone to talk to, or just want to be called away from an awkward situation…but some are so determined to show off that they pretend to wrap up Hollywood deals in front of their friends.

We can’t wait for him to announce his Oscar nomination!