Short Update: Freddie’s Taller

Once again we’ve fallen behind in the blogoshere while Freddie continues to outrun us on the growing up front. Take, for instance, his language. There we were, perfectly happy with our juvenile foul-mouths, and then ‘bingo’ – Freddie’s wandering around quietly telling other kids ‘Fffff-uck-k-k. Fffff-uck-k-k.’ There’s absolutely no mistaking it.  It’s like he had nits in the nursery the horror exhibited on the faces of the adults as the swearing-kid-virus wantonly spread in an unseemly fashion for about a week. Ulp.

He’s stopped that little quirk, and it’s onto another. Mr Cute smiley pants, laughing and gurgling and throwing in a ‘Adun… ha..ha..Daddiieee…’ or ‘Mammieee…meup..Mam…meup…’  Meup means he wants holding. He’s the man.

This Saturday just gone we drove our estate – which we’ve recently bought – to the Audi service centre in Wimbledon (we picked a bad weekend for that as the tennis was on) to get the missing wheelnut locking key and instead of the planned womble through the common we headed to Morden Hall Park, a lovely long meandering woodland come rose garden with a city farm in the middle. Freddie met a foal and mare, who nibbled his foot to shrieks of delight and fright.


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Sunday? We headed to Petts Wood – 20 mins on th train from Brixton – and took a long four hour walk through the 400 acre forest. We’ve been there a few times now, it’s always deserted. and we walk for hours without meeting a soul. We headed north instead of west this time into St Paul’s Chat where we stumbled upon the ruins of a moated manor and some horses, which nibbled his foot to shrieks of delight and fright. Here’s a map of the trip we took:


Next post, expect some photos of the ‘he’ll break a few hearts when he grows up’ man you’re all looking forward to seeing.

NB: We’ve had some issues with the blog recently, somehow someone injected 900 links into the footer which meant each time the blog loaded 1MB of bandwidth was used. We’ve moved him to a different host, implemented the WordPress auto-update plug-in and removed those pesky links and used up 250MB of his bandwidth in the process. Finger’s crossed, all will be well in future…