Farmer Freddie: gettin’ down with the animals

We’ve happened on a few farms recently, what with all the sheep in Snowdonia, there was also the Dean’s City Farm at Morden Park, the Vauxhall CIty Farm at the Lambeth Country Show. So here’s a slideshow of Freddie’s animal exploits…


Best rain in Europe: our Snowdonian oddyssey

Last week we stayed in one of the Gogarth Hall Farms cottages in Wales for a week. It was gorgeous, built in the  mid-1700s, and steeped in a remote valley with (shock!) no cellphone access. When I was booking the spot I asked if it had wireless. The proprietor said ‘Ohh, ye’ve cawght me on de ‘op dere, oi don’t believe oi have a radio in dat dere cottage now…’. Fat chance! It did have a stately furnishings and an old fire which we busily set to blazing most of the time.

The countryside in the area was really stunning, majestic peaks, high lakes, sandy beaches with a little brighton feel to them, and loads of charming inns. Here’s where we were staying – zoom out to see where we were…


We had a packed agenda, spending a day on the old Talyllyn narrow gauge steam train, a day at the Centre for Alternative Technology, I spent a day mountain biking with my buddy Craig who came over on the Friday, another day walking along the riverside, the soggy Wednesday at the Machynlleth market and another at the Aberdovey beach. On the Saturday we stopped at Sharon Pope’s in the Cotswolds where Freddie was most taken with their new puppy Mia and the five horses in the stables. So! Here, using the latest in WordPress technology, is a slideshow of our happy, if soggy, trip:


 There are a bunch of videos too, but I haven’t even got them off the camera let alone uploaded them to Freddie’s blog!

Throw – Rememory

Throw rememory

NZ popular rock from the early nineties, Throw set out to be a Failsafe Records studio band but went on to perform live sets and do a few videos – including claymation ones with Greg Page.

In 2005 they released a new album of unreleased material which you can buy here. In the meantime, why not sample some of their catchy emotional tunes here: Link removed at publishers request. Please head to the Failsafe catalogue to purchase these quality tunes or sample them on MySpace.