Featuring Freddie: Daily Snaps

It had to happen. With technology’s thumping pace in the background, the days of waiting a week for the local chemist to develop your ‘instamatic’ snaps then posting them in ship to relatives overseas have well and truly been shattered. Two minutes ago I took a photo on my phone, did some quick cropping, added some text and a frame, converted it to black and white, then clicked ‘post to flickr’. Bingo, it’s on Flickr. And wouldn’t ya know it, when it’s on Flickr, it’s on Freddie’s blog.

So I heartily recommend on this and subsequent visits to our hero’s site you check in at ‘Daily Snaps‘ where we’ll be posting our family photos on a regular basis.

I’ve also been a little busy tidying up the code on the site, so instead of the page having to ask the database ‘what’s my name?’ each time it loads, I’ve written the name into the page. Same thing for the stylesheets, pingbacks, versions, and a few others bits so with any luck we’ve cut down the time it takes to load the page considerably. Happy browsing!

Porridge: Chief of Scotland’s Food

Every morning Freddie wakes up to a steaming bowl of fresh porridge. But it's not your usual oats'n'water sludge. Freddie's discerning palate expects the very best quality organic ingredients. And our parental anxiety demands a nutrionally complete breakfast for our number one son. So we make it using Flannagans Oats from Waterford and Jersey whole milk. To that base we chop up some seasonal fruit – berries, bananas and mango all go down a treat. Half-a-teaspoon of sugary stuff – honey, concentrated juice, molasses or demerara sugar – and some ground nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashews, hazlenuts, pistachios, pecans, they all go well in porridge). Stirred up in a bowl and sitting on Daddy's lap, Freddie can often be seen wolfing it down at 7.15am weekdays….