What you lookin’ at?

Sorry no post from Ireland. Suffice to say, there are some snaps up under ‘Daily Snaps‘. and that we spent the time there tooing and froing from Waterford Hospital to Clashbrack. Mary’s mother Maureen isn’t feeling well so we were keen to see her.

Mary’s back there tomorrow (Monday) for four days so Adam’s gonna be a solo-dad in London in the meantime.

Today we went for dinner at Craig’s where his sister Anna took some great photos of us all. Here’s one of Freddie, click on the photo for a slideshow.

Yesterday we made another IKEA trip, my treasure was the spice rack jars. We also picked up a 2.5 metre worktop to put in the kitchen, but we’ve now hit the problem of how to hold it up. It’s too heavy for the wall! Will post a picture of the new kitchen ‘look’ once we’ve completed that job!

Stationary car-tastrophe & off to Ireland…

You may have noticed a few photos in Daily Snaps of parking permits and a car scratch. Due to the muggy weather, our residential parking permit came unstuck from the windshield and fell face-up in the glove box. Freddie, ever mindful of external noises (helicopter, motorbike (‘naughty’ if it’s going too fast), rubbish truck, bird are all pointed out to us with great interest), was quick to alert Mary to the truck out the window  lifting our car up onto it’s trailer.

No amount of pleading would suffice, however, and the car got towed. We had to shell out £260.00 notes to get it back. We’re contesting the fine, and noticed they also damaged the car. Another £150.00. Fingers crossed we’ll get it back – we’ll keep you posted.

On Sunday we visited Aunty Ann in Coulsden where she and Bob fed us a delicious Lasagne and Freddie tried to take their place to bits. He was a bit cranky as we’d distrupted his sleep patterns but it was great to see them all the same. Mary took a great photo:

Tomorrow we’re all off to Ireland to visit the family for a week. See you soon!