Christmas in London

This year we stayed in London. All our neighbours got together on the Sunday beforehand for a good laugh and pot-luck.

Then Christmas took off in earnest for Freddie with a trip to see Santa at a shopping centre on Christmas Eve, although as you can see from the photo, his excitement was replaced by shyness as soon as he got to see the white-bearded man in the red outfit.

It was very sweet and he was looking forward to a visit from Santa that night. But mercifully, he is still too young to be so excited that he wakes up in the middle of the night claiming it is morning. In fact, we had a lie in before he opened his presents. Favourites included a doctor’s kit and a little case filled with different dinosaurs given by Natalie and Andrew in New Zealand.

We had a pleasant Christmas Day and had a walk in nearby Dulwich Woods before dinner – delicious carrot and chestnut cannelloni cooked by Adam (I did Christmas Eve dinner and breakfast in case anyone thinks I had my feet up and you can tell Adam made it as there is a photo of it!).

As it was our first Christmas on our own, I thought it would be a good time to set up a few family traditions for Christmas. One is that Christmas Eve is kept clear of shopping so the day can be enjoyed instead of ending up on the streets with thousands of other stressed shoppers – this means an earlier visit to Santa too, especially if we are braving the crowds in London. Another one is a nice breakfast together on Christmas morning. Looking forward to next year already.

Then it was off to Brighton for an impromptu visit. It was pretty cold and wintery but we all enjoyed it, especially the trip to Terre a Terre, a very fancy vegetarian restaurant on East Street. Freddie enjoyed a walk along the beach, although it was far too cold to put as much as a toe in. 

Then before we left, we visited a friend of Adam’s grandmother who lives in nearby Hove. Ruth, 92, lives by herself and had just returned from a week’s stay over Christmas at her son’s home in Yorkshire. Apparently he was a bit mean with the heating and the poor lady was cold most of the time there. I hope to visit Ruth again as I sometimes take Freddie on day trips to Brighton and it would be lovely to meet again.

And a big shout out to Nona, who is having her birthday tomorrow.

Enjoy the pics!

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