The International Caterpillar Caper

One fine day a few weeks ago Freddie's cousins in New Zealand, the Stillz Boyz Zach Jamie and Duncan, went to the Auckland Botanical Gardens. They had lots of fun seeing all the different trees, plants and flowers. But what they found especially interesting was the abundant insect life that appeared to be enjoying itself silly amongst the flora.

You can see them on the right as, despite those innocent looks, they scheme and plot all sorts of crazy insect gathering plans in the red circle.

Zach was so intrigued he popped a likely looking caterpillar into his pocket. What a cunning scallywag! He is very lucky the Garden Ranger didn't find him or he would have found himself inside a terrible deep dark dungeon where he would never have seen the light of day again.

Anyhow, he took it home and his Mummy had to go to the shops and find a Swan plant to put the friendly caterpillar on. Soon the caterpillar was strong and big and decided to have it's photo taken. Here is the photo, though he was very annoyed that Zach had managed to get in it too:

By and by Zach was going on a trip to London and the caterpillar decided to go too because he had cousins there; his cousin Hairy Molly was one he particularly wanted to visit. He settled down for the long trip and when Zach finally reached his cousin Freddie's house the caterpillar went outside to find his cousin Hairy Molly.

Freddie said he would help the caterpillar find Hairy Molly. After searching high and low, Freddie found Hairy Molly by a stream listening to the latest Bruce Springsteen album. Here is Freddie being gentle with Hairy Molly:

Zach's caterpillar and Hairy Moll said a big hello to each other and after a few more gobbles on a few more swan plant leaves they turned into big beautiful butterflies and roamed the world together exploring all the botanical gardens they could find.

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  1. Adam, Mary, couldnt believe the change in Freddie  recently – he looked so grown up.  Hope you are all well
    All good here, just busy with the crew, always running.  almost exam time again.
    Wont let another week go by without catching up with you. 
    Chat during the week.  B

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