Boys. Men. Cars. Brrrrmmm….

Freddie and I found a big box full of Scalectrix tracks, cars and accessories on the wall outside a house in Brixton last year. The dad leaning on the fence assured us it worked last time he had set it up two years ago.

So it's been sitting under the bed waiting for a rainy weekend ever since. Last month it poured down and Mary was in Ireland for the weekend. The timing was perfect to get the tracks out and get those cars smokin'…

We laid out some tracks as a prototype to make sure it all worked then took some footage. Wow! Did those little cars whizz around the tracks. We then built a stadium using Nonna and Grandad's Duplo and put some 'forests' (pot plants) in some of the corners. Unfortunately we didn't get many action shots of this set up before the lounge was required for more general use. Nevertheless, here for your entertainment is a video of Freddie 'Fast Car' Pope racing his cars around his Scalectrix track:

View in High Definition
Music by The White Stripes: Blue Orchid

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