Nice Knitting from Nona

Freddie has the good fortune of having a nona (a continental term for 'grandmother' for those who don't know) who can knit and was delighted to receive a package from New Zealand a few days ago with a new light brown cardigan with a motorbike knitted into the back and a gorgeous blue and red stripy hooded top.

It may be June, but he has actually worn both of them today  – it was a bit chilly in the morning so he tried out the brown one as he balance-biked his way to the childminders. Then he struck a pose in the other one this evening – he looks great in both of them – excellent colour choice.

Chuffed with my new bike, chuffed with my new cardie!

'Thanks Nona, these will keep me warm until I get bigger and bigger,' says Freddie.

It's book time!

Christmas in London

This year we stayed in London. All our neighbours got together on the Sunday beforehand for a good laugh and pot-luck.

Then Christmas took off in earnest for Freddie with a trip to see Santa at a shopping centre on Christmas Eve, although as you can see from the photo, his excitement was replaced by shyness as soon as he got to see the white-bearded man in the red outfit. Continue reading “Christmas in London”

Weekend in Warnham, West Sussex

It being mid-August, we decided to take a weekend in the country before the summer ends. It was off to West Sussex this time to stay in a cosy B&B in a 550-year old medieval house called Glebe End in a little village called Warnham. It’s a totally gorgeous house and the price is good so we’d recommend it to Londoners as it is only around 90 mins drive away.

Liz Cox, the landlady, was a bit of a character – old style plum-in-mouth accent and very charming along with her two sheepdogs Betsy & D.J. She cooked a fine breakfast to boot.

The village itself and the surrounding countryside is stunning. One of the highlights was walking into the Greets, one of the two village pubs, and finding an ancient low-ceilinged bar with no seats. Instead there were loops hanging from the ceiling so you could grab one if you felt a bit unsteady or if you just fancied a prop – exactly the same style as you find on London Underground.

After dropping our bags on Saturday and pootling about Horsham we headed off down to Worthing which is on the coast, but unfortunately only Freddie was very impressed with it. He enjoyed the time spent on the windy stony beach with Adam while I read a book in the car.

We decided we liked the West Sussex countryside much better and spent the next day in woodland where we walked and picked blackberries and took pictures of the mushrooms we came across. We also found some hungry carp in a lake beside a fancy manor and Freddie enjoyed feeding them some bread (the fish, not the manor owners) which caused them to get into a bit of a frenzy.

Here’s the photos, none of me, typical ;o)


Today I’m mostly wearing…

Who says girls get all the nice clothes? Click on the image below for a selection of photos of Freddie in some of his cutest, fashionable infantwear, some of which I’ve bought for him, and some of which we received as presents. We think he looks really cute which is why we love showing off all these photos of him and we hope you enjoy them too. The photos range from 4 months old until now – he’s almost exactly six months and twenty-three days and twenty three hours old.

It’s sad to see him growing out of some of our favourite outfits, but we’ve plenty of new stuff ready for him to jump into. Thanks especially to ‘Nona’ for making such cute knitted wear, Kata for posting the hat from Kazakhstan, and everyone else who has provided such stylish gear for our snuggly little man.

My first nanny

When Freddie was just four months, I had an offer of six weeks’ full time work, writing patient information leaflets for the Department of Health. Doing the work meant I had to find a nanny for Freddie. After interviewing four women who replied to our ad on, we hired Lumi who looked after our baba for six weeks. It was a hard time for me as it was all a bit sudden and it was sad to see Freddie heading off in his pushchair with someone else. But we couldn’t have asked for more. Lumi had the perfect mix of professionalism and friendliness and was a hit with Freddie right from the start. A couple of times a day, she took him out for walks, sometimes to meet up with other nannies and babies in some of the local parks. She also started making Freddie’s first food – babyrice with vegetables or baby rice with fruit, all pureed to make it easy to swallow. He took to it easily from the start. With the work over for now, Lumi has moved on to a new job but may come back a few days a week once I start working part-time again. Here’s a picture of Lumi and Freddie where he is wearing his crown of Beatrice Potter characters – Tom Kitten, Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddleduck.

She is from Romania and has a son of her own called Simon who is 10 months old. Simon was being looked after by Lumi’s sister while she looked after Freddie. And another photo below…

Fun with Friends: Freddie in London

Since September 2006 we’ve been haging with a bunch of local Mums, Dads and babies here in the Dulwich/Streatham/Brixton area. We’ve been very lucky that we all get along well although the babies are yet to be on speaking terms and at ages ranging fro four to five months they still don’t seem to take much notice of one another. Us mums and babies get together once a week, while the dads couldn’t arrange a piss up in a brewery, though they did manage to get together for a curry a few weeks ago. We get up to all sorts of things, walks in the park, trips to art galleries and cafe’s, and visiting one another’s homes. It’s great to be able to meet up with other mothers going through the same stages with their babies – it’s an excellent support network. Sadly, I’ll be returning to work tomorrow for at least a few weeks but luckily I’ll be able to keep a watchful eye on Freddie as I’ll be working from home. It’ll be the first time he’ll be looked after by someone other than Adam or I and it’s not a step taken lightly. Anyhow, here are the photos I know you’ve all been waiting for of all the NCT babies on the casting couch at Tanya’s.  Click on the image to view the slideshow….

Freddie’s mates in London 2007

Someone asked about photo sharing.  Adam’s figured all that out, he uses Google’s Picasa.  It’s a feature-rich desktop photo-editing suite that gives you 1GB of space online (upgradeable) so you can share your photos with your mates.  Download Picasa.