Nice Knitting from Nona

Freddie has the good fortune of having a nona (a continental term for 'grandmother' for those who don't know) who can knit and was delighted to receive a package from New Zealand a few days ago with a new light brown cardigan with a motorbike knitted into the back and a gorgeous blue and red stripy hooded top.

It may be June, but he has actually worn both of them today  – it was a bit chilly in the morning so he tried out the brown one as he balance-biked his way to the childminders. Then he struck a pose in the other one this evening – he looks great in both of them – excellent colour choice.

Chuffed with my new bike, chuffed with my new cardie!

'Thanks Nona, these will keep me warm until I get bigger and bigger,' says Freddie.

It's book time!

Farmer Freddie: gettin’ down with the animals

We’ve happened on a few farms recently, what with all the sheep in Snowdonia, there was also the Dean’s City Farm at Morden Park, the Vauxhall CIty Farm at the Lambeth Country Show. So here’s a slideshow of Freddie’s animal exploits…


Today I’m mostly wearing…

Who says girls get all the nice clothes? Click on the image below for a selection of photos of Freddie in some of his cutest, fashionable infantwear, some of which I’ve bought for him, and some of which we received as presents. We think he looks really cute which is why we love showing off all these photos of him and we hope you enjoy them too. The photos range from 4 months old until now – he’s almost exactly six months and twenty-three days and twenty three hours old.

It’s sad to see him growing out of some of our favourite outfits, but we’ve plenty of new stuff ready for him to jump into. Thanks especially to ‘Nona’ for making such cute knitted wear, Kata for posting the hat from Kazakhstan, and everyone else who has provided such stylish gear for our snuggly little man.