Freddie’s Three!

Freddie turned three on the 30th of November but we didn't get around to a birthday party until last Saturday. And it's taken me this long to get the photos and videos from the four cameras together! We had a great day, loads of food and presents for the birthday boy.

Thanks to everyone for the well-wishing, cards, presents and effort for him; he really felt special. Here's a couple of photos and a video of the blowing-out-the-candles moment and bouncing-on-the-bed hijinks:


Featuring Freddie: Daily Snaps

It had to happen. With technology’s thumping pace in the background, the days of waiting a week for the local chemist to develop your ‘instamatic’ snaps then posting them in ship to relatives overseas have well and truly been shattered. Two minutes ago I took a photo on my phone, did some quick cropping, added some text and a frame, converted it to black and white, then clicked ‘post to flickr’. Bingo, it’s on Flickr. And wouldn’t ya know it, when it’s on Flickr, it’s on Freddie’s blog.

So I heartily recommend on this and subsequent visits to our hero’s site you check in at ‘Daily Snaps‘ where we’ll be posting our family photos on a regular basis.

I’ve also been a little busy tidying up the code on the site, so instead of the page having to ask the database ‘what’s my name?’ each time it loads, I’ve written the name into the page. Same thing for the stylesheets, pingbacks, versions, and a few others bits so with any luck we’ve cut down the time it takes to load the page considerably. Happy browsing!

Big Boy on the Blower

You may have noticed Freddie’s lack of attention to his online communications over recent months. That’s because he’s been busy chewing the fat over the phone. He’s also been a bit of a tinkerer, and converted a number of common household implements into serviceable appliances Alexander Bell would have been chuffed with. So click on the image to view some cracking shots of Freddie talking turkey on his telephones to all manner of friends.

Picture him jabbering away ten to the dozen – heyo? heyo? woosh, woosh, washer wee??’ then listening intently to the sound coming out of the TV remote. Hah! It’s a riot. He gets such a surprise when the phone rings mid-conversation as well. It’s like he’s getting busted for making out he’s popular when there’s really no-one there. But as this article from the Sydney Morning Herald contends it’s the choice of a generation:

90 per cent of young people admit they have faked a call. Often they are trying to cope with social anxiety by showing they have someone to talk to, or just want to be called away from an awkward situation…but some are so determined to show off that they pretend to wrap up Hollywood deals in front of their friends.

We can’t wait for him to announce his Oscar nomination!

Walking Personality Bon-Vivant: Freddie Pope

I finally found some time to edit and upload some footage of our gregarious wee fellow running down the hall, switching off a light, and exhibiting a smile and an obscure chortle type noise. So here you are, press the ‘play’ button to view:

Freddie’s Personality

Freddie Walking

Blogging: how I do it so well

Well tickle me pink, everyone’s been asking how I set this website internets thingummy up. It was no child’s play, I got me Pa to whip it up, and now posting a blog is as easy as sending an email. Coz that’s literally what I can do. Anyhow, after a bunch of grizzling at 1am I managed to convince Dada to write about how it’s done in three easy steps that won’t cost you a dime. Check out his latest post on the Information Handyman here: HowTo: Setting up an ad-free blog on a budget in the UK Drop me line if you need any help, I have cunning ways of winning Dad over to your side, or you manage to set one up, I’ll link to it! Love ya all!