Farmer Freddie: gettin’ down with the animals

We’ve happened on a few farms recently, what with all the sheep in Snowdonia, there was also the Dean’s City Farm at Morden Park, the Vauxhall CIty Farm at the Lambeth Country Show. So here’s a slideshow of Freddie’s animal exploits…


Throw – Rememory

Throw rememory

NZ popular rock from the early nineties, Throw set out to be a Failsafe Records studio band but went on to perform live sets and do a few videos – including claymation ones with Greg Page.

In 2005 they released a new album of unreleased material which you can buy here. In the meantime, why not sample some of their catchy emotional tunes here: Link removed at publishers request. Please head to the Failsafe catalogue to purchase these quality tunes or sample them on MySpace.